Office in Office service

  • You are having regular business with China mainland companies or you want to explore the Chinese market for possibilities of investment, procurement and all kinds of entering the Chinese     market, we have the perfect solution for you. German management of staff in China location based office.
  • ChinaGateConsult is offering an Office in Office service solution

How does it work?

  • First of all, it is not just a virtual office. It is your full functioning representative office
  • The office in Office is a real working office for your companies dedicated needs.
  • Of course we will handle your phone calls, forward mail and communication to you and offer a business address for you here in China.
  • However there is much more.
  • We will be the bridge between you and the manufacturer, organization or any person selected by you within China.
  • This will remove language barriers.
  • Bridge the gap in Time difference
  • Ensure that the company or person you are communicating with is a real existing identity.
  • Make company checkups and visits at any time
  • Visiting Fairs and source products especially for you.
  • We do the Quality and pre-shipment inspection for you and even organize the 3rd party inspection if and when required.

you are in your country ---- we are in China for you
What is the benefit for you?

The person in our office is dedicated to your work, Depending on the requirement it can be a full or half day engagement.
You do not need to worry about china labor law and legalities.
We will care about staff, salaries, holidays, social insurance etc..
The person is “your staff” in communication and work assignment.
You pay a fixed monthly rate.
No commission on any business transaction will be charged additionally.
No need for you to register a company in china.
We will give you the framework and do the work for you as per your companies’ requirements.
High confidentiality of all of your information.
Protection of intellectual property rights
Legal support if and when required for your business in China
Fast access to China factories and suppliers for direct physical inspection of service and goods
Arrangements of shipments and consolidation of goods with forwarders
Your travel arrangements to China, Fairs, exhibitions, factories etc.

See the benefits on below chart Easy, fast , with no language or administrative barriers. Develop your business with China the profitable way. Tell us you requirements and we will give you an offer.

Accomplish more. Travel less.

Phase one

Work is done out of Pylon Office using the legal registered ChinaGateConsult / Pylon Co Ltd with all China Business licenses as base and framework for the clients company .

Contact us at:

Office 330 -331, Zhong Shan Commercial Building, 121 Gong Yuan Road, HaiShu District,
Ningbo 315 010, Zhejiang China, Tel +86-574-87281106 Fax +86-574-87282072
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
we will send you a quotation for your customized service


To better understand the financial benefits Please find some basic costs for reference:

Your self established office (without using our above offered service) might cost at least .. excluding company formation charges and registered capital,

· Administration/handling fees Rmb50,000/month

· Dedicated staff Rmb 10,000-30,000 depending on qualification, social welfare

· Rental for external office approx Rmb 2.5-3.5 / day/square meter- plus utilities costs

· Legal costs as it is charged by lawyer for  agreements,

Our saving is saving your Money and making it all easy for you to keep your business controlled in China.


 We are currently have customer in this above scheme operated out of Ningbo Office.

Please ask for the details as per in the agreement. Prices subject to changes without prior notice and depending on the actually exchange-rate of the Chinese Rmb / US$/Euro
disclaimer: Comparing of savings based on the setup and administration costs for a regular full office and as estimate only.

A Story Behind Us

  • ChinaGateConsult is in the center of a global sourcing network of independent trading companies and buyers.
  • ChinaGateConsult is the key point to your successful buying from China sources. We handle all inconveniences like languages and follow ups for you.
  • ChinaGateConsult is multilingual and you can communicate in English, German and Chinese with us.
  • Join the team as independent procurement office and send your inquiries directly to us.
 If you have regular business operation in China, but don’t have  an own office, we are glad to Share our resources with you as Business Management Center.
Talk to us and find the best solution for your success. Right now is the best time.
ChinaGateConsult Merger:
With effect of May 2013 the services of ChinaGateConsult will be merged into the Services of Ningbo Pylon International Trade Co Ltd.
The company is based in the same location as the previous office and will provide full trading and consulting services. Ningbo Pylon International Trade Co Ltd. is a foreign owned company with full import and export rights as well as domestic sales rights under China law.The trademark ChinaGateConsult will be further on owned by Pylon International Trade Co.Ltd. Looking forward to closely cooperate with our current and future clients.
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Get in Touch

ChinaGateConsult, Office 315-330-331, Zhong Shan Commercial Building, 121 Gong Yuan Road, HaiShu District, Ningbo 315 010, Zhejiang China, Tel +86-574-87281106 Fax +86-574-87282072, Email: 

ChinaGateConsult is a Pylon Co Ltd Company