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Whether you are in China, Hong Kong, USA or Europe, China Gate Consult with offices in Ningbo, Mainland China and Hong Kong, offers you a wide range of services to ensure your success in China.

Our offices offer you practical, step-by-step support to help you successfully enter and operate in the Chinese market. We support you in organizing visits to fairs, exhibitions as well as to set up actual representative offices or enterprises in China. Additionally we offer recruitment services, training courses for your staff, and website development belong to our range of services.


We support and advise you in finding real-estate for setting up a factory, assembling plant or research facility in the development zone or business district best for your purpose. We develop the establishing process to a key turn project for several types of business.

1) Direct Mailing Service

ChinaGateConsult will find out whom to address and conduct a mailing in order to reach your potential business partners in China and other places.

in China that fall within your defined range of business, requesting further contact details and checking the accuracy of the postal addresses by phone. We can also help you translate your communication into Chinese before starting or during the postal order or emailing. We will gather the feedback and report this back to you.

Prices available upon request.

2) Office in Office: Administrative Service

Support in Sales & Distribution / Purchasing & Quality Control 

Sales & Distribution: Market analysis; developing, establishing and realizing an effective customer relationship management; acquisition of new customers; taking care of contacts to existing customers; coordinating the orders with your headquarter and reporting to the mother company.

Purchasing & Quality Control: Supplier Audit; Procurement; Market Research; Suppliers / Manufacturer’s Selection; Sample Proofing; Pre-shipment Inspection; Reporting to the mother company. 

Benefits and Advantages

  • Fast response and operation in all parts of China

  • German standard of service quality

  • Through our multi-lingual staff, communication problems between manufacturers and customers are significantly reduced.

  • Compared to normal Rep. Offices, the room rent, overhead expenses, income tax and so on, can be saved.

  • Support through the Hong Kong based Pylon Limited  trading service  is easily available

Prices available upon request 

3) Market Studies & Research

Custom-made research, analysis and documentation of market information and data as far as it is needed for preparing the market entry. The research refers to information on demand and supply, foreign competitors and their individual market entry approach, local industry review with identification of potential partner. 

In the first step information need of the client is assessed. The research methods include personal interviews with representatives of relevant authorities, associations, manufacturers or design-institutes. From case to case ChinaGateConsult decides whether the research will be conducted internal or in cooperation with appropriate local partners, which often is recommended to get access to more detailed information and data. Final analysis and documentation are done by experienced managers in close cooperation with our qualified researchers in the stage of quality-control. 

This service provides you with a reflective basis on which strategies for the market entry can be developed.
Base price: Euro 2500  

4) Print and Graphic Design in English/German/Chinese for Companies 

From name cards to corporate identity packages, ChinaGateConsult provides you with a wide range of products. Whether you would like your company brochure designed for the Chinese or the international market, a bilingual flyer for your next trade fair, any other event or a complete website redesign, our team of Chinese and German designers will help you to find the ways to communicate with your target groups.

Prices available upon request

5) Management Training

In cooperation with COIC, Chamber of International Commerce, Ningbo, we run public training courses in China and other selected countries.
We offer management training that is closely connected to the practical needs of the international business community in China.

ChinaGateConsult specializes in customized training solutions which help our clients to build the competencies they need in order to successfully run their businesses in the diverse and competitive Chinese market. 

Short-term training courses will improve your staff’s productivity and efficiency. The main emphasis is placed on management, commercial, and administrative skills. Training courses can be organized as public courses scheduled at a fixed time and date to suit the training needs of different companies, or as in-house courses serving individual training needs. Training can take place in any region of China. The language of the training courses can be in English, German or Chinese.ChinaGateConsult ensures that the classes are small and the teaching approach is practical and intensive. ChinaGateConsult also develops company specific case studies providing a stimulating and authentic learning experience.

Prices depend on client’s training’s courses request

6) Recruitment Consulting Services

Consulting services for recruitment, training etc; search of suitable personnel for different management levels and positions. If personnel with excellent networks in a certain industry are required, ChinaGateConsult suggests reliable headhunting companies. 

The consulting services are based on our experiences from supporting Chinese companies to recruit from Europe and train personnel. The recruitment services include a job advertisement on different online job markets, the screening of incoming applications according to defined evaluation criteria, the compilation of a short-list, interviews with pre-selected candidates, documentation of the screening and interview results, recommendation of 2-3 candidates. The final interviews with the selected candidates are also organized for the international companies. Further support for preparing the labor contract and training the personnel can be given. 

Pre-selection of qualified personnel by experienced German and Chinese colleagues from ChinaGateConsult.

Base Price: 1 month salary

7) Translations / interpretations for any topic from German or English into Chinese or Chinese into German or English, other languages on request

The translation will be made by professional and certified translators. For specific translations ChinaGateConsult outsources to qualified partners in the related field so as to ensure a high quality of translation. All the completed translations will go through a quality process, i.e. technical control by technical personnel and language control by native speakers.  

This service is designed for companies and individuals that need efficient translations and interpretations.

 Prices depend on your individual requirements. Guidelines are as following:

1.    Interpreter half day: Euro 200 plus business tax;

2.    Interpreter full day:  Euro 350 plus business tax;

3.    Translation German or English – Chinese / Chinese – English or German     1x A4 page: 70 Euro plus business tax. (for standard text)

8) Customs and Tax Information

Profound basic information regarding the tax and customs laws and regulations in China applicable to the specific case presented to ChinaGateConsult.

For the service of customer – tailored tax consultancy we are assigning your case to the professional tax consultancy firm we are working with. 

The Law and Business Department analyses the case in question and informs the customer about the tax respectively customs laws and regulations that are relevant for his case. ChinaGateConsult also describes the effects of the relevant regulations for his case.

The Customer gets accurate information about the Chinese laws and regulations that are applicable for his case and about the impact of these regulations.

Prices available upon request

9) Company Validation & Business Check

A report which includes detailed information concerning registered capital, shareholders, financial statements, credit rating etc. As another option ChinaGateConsult can provide a short report which only includes registration information such as registered address, shareholder, business scope etc. 

The information will be collected by a local Chinese/ or organization. ChinaGateConsult will make a report based on this information. 

Especially if you do not have a long-term business relationship with your Chinese partners, it is strongly recommended to check the reliability of the company in advance, so as to reduce your business risk.  

Prices: upon request     

10) Contract Consulting


ChinaGateConsult is offering this service which includes consultancy for the contract negotiation; legal review of the contracts; drafting new contracts as well as translation of the final version into Chinese, English or German. Our service covers labor contracts, distribution contracts, trademark license contracts, leasing contracts etc.  

This service will be provided by a legal team which consists of experienced German, British and Chinese lawyers. ChinaGateConsult provides you with legal advice or a draft contract according to the laws and regulations of the PRC as well as local regulations.

Due to the large number of laws and regulations, regional differences with regard to the enforcement of laws and regulations, and the fast changes of laws and regulations in China, it is very difficult to keep up with the current legal situation in China. Therefore, it is advisable to ask for legal advice when drafting contracts. Through our good relationship to governmental institutions, we are very familiar with the latest laws and regulations. Our experience will help you preventing risks in advance.  

Prices available upon request


11) Company Foundation


The Law and Business Department offers full support to customers to establish Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprises, Joint Ventures or Representative Offices. 

The Law and Business Department provides assistance by discussing investment possibilities with your parent company analyzing suitable sites and locations for the company, conducting negotiations with governmental investment zones and business partners and by arranging the complete set of documents required for starting a company.

Through our special relationships to local authorities and governmental institutions ChinaGateConsult is always aware of the latest laws and regulations concerning the establishment and operation of companies. We are interested not only in helping to establish your company in China in an efficient and effective manner, but also in the success of its long-term operation in this country.

Price: The price is depending on the type of company you wish to establish

12) Setting Up a Legal Entity in Hong Kong
There are various options for overseas companies or individuals wishing to register a company in Hong Kong. Typical forms of investments are:

·                     Limited companies

·                     Branches

·                     Representative offices

Individuals can register one of the following:

·                     Limited company

·                     Sole Proprietorship

·                     Partnership

Depending on the specific circumstances ChinaGateConsult can give tailor made advice on suitable forms of investment and help with the registration procedures and additional services required such as office space rental, recruitment of personnel, tax advice etc. ChinaGateConsult cooperates with reputable service companies and the relevant government agencies.

Our customers do not need to spend time acquiring the relevant know-how themselves as ChinaGateConsult can provide you with a full range of one-stop services.

Price: upon request

13)  ChinaGateConsult assists Chinese investors to establish companies in Europe


The search for a suitable investment site is the starting point of this service. Once this decision has been made, we will help you to draft the articles of association, the business plan as well as other required documents. Additionally, we will support you when applying for visa and getting in contact with German authorities or consultancies.




Through the professional advice and assistance provided by experienced German and Chinese lawyers you will save time and avoid mistakes. 
Price: Euro approx 10,000 plus business tax and governmental fees

A Story Behind Us

  • ChinaGateConsult is in the center of a global sourcing network of independent trading companies and buyers.
  • ChinaGateConsult is the key point to your successful buying from China sources. We handle all inconveniences like languages and follow ups for you.
  • ChinaGateConsult is multilingual and you can communicate in English, German and Chinese with us.
  • Join the team as independent procurement office and send your inquiries directly to us.
 If you have regular business operation in China, but don’t have  an own office, we are glad to Share our resources with you as Business Management Center.
Talk to us and find the best solution for your success. Right now is the best time.
ChinaGateConsult Merger:
With effect of May 2013 the services of ChinaGateConsult will be merged into the Services of Ningbo Pylon International Trade Co Ltd.
The company is based in the same location as the previous office and will provide full trading and consulting services. Ningbo Pylon International Trade Co Ltd. is a foreign owned company with full import and export rights as well as domestic sales rights under China law.The trademark ChinaGateConsult will be further on owned by Pylon International Trade Co.Ltd. Looking forward to closely cooperate with our current and future clients.
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