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Custom-made research, analysis and documentation of market information and data as far as it is needed for preparing the market entry. The research refers to information on demand and supply, foreign competitors and their individual market entry approach, local industry review with identification of potential partner. 

In the first step information need of the client is assessed. The research methods include personal interviews with representatives of relevant authorities, associations, manufacturers or design-institutes. From case to case ChinaGateConsult decides whether the research will be conducted internal or in cooperation with appropriate local partners, which often is recommended to get access to more detailed information and data. Final analysis and documentation are done by experienced managers in close cooperation with our qualified researchers in the stage of quality-control. 

This service provides you with a reflective basis on which strategies for the market entry can be developed.
Base price: Euro 2500  

4) Print and Graphic Design in English/German/Chinese for Companies 

From name cards to corporate identity packages, ChinaGateConsult provides you with a wide range of products. Whether you would like your company brochure designed for the Chinese or the international market, a bilingual flyer for your next trade fair, any other event or a complete website redesign, our team of Chinese and German designers will help you to find the ways to communicate with your target groups.

Prices available upon request

A Story Behind Us

  • ChinaGateConsult is in the center of a global sourcing network of independent trading companies and buyers.
  • ChinaGateConsult is the key point to your successful buying from China sources. We handle all inconveniences like languages and follow ups for you.
  • ChinaGateConsult is multilingual and you can communicate in English, German and Chinese with us.
  • Join the team as independent procurement office and send your inquiries directly to us.
 If you have regular business operation in China, but don’t have  an own office, we are glad to Share our resources with you as Business Management Center.
Talk to us and find the best solution for your success. Right now is the best time.
ChinaGateConsult Merger:
With effect of May 2013 the services of ChinaGateConsult will be merged into the Services of Ningbo Pylon International Trade Co Ltd.
The company is based in the same location as the previous office and will provide full trading and consulting services. Ningbo Pylon International Trade Co Ltd. is a foreign owned company with full import and export rights as well as domestic sales rights under China law.The trademark ChinaGateConsult will be further on owned by Pylon International Trade Co.Ltd. Looking forward to closely cooperate with our current and future clients.
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ChinaGateConsult is a Pylon Co Ltd Company